About Us

Sydney’s favourite steam carpet cleaners

Whether it’s for domestic or commercial carpet cleaning, The Steam Cleaners guarantees you fast, professional, affordable steam cleaning service right across Sydney. And we’re not just carpet cleaners. We clean upholstery, leather and practically any surface to an as-new freshness and sparkle.

Our advanced equipment is environmentally friendly

The Steam Cleaners’ state of the art steam cleaning equipment technology is definitely eco friendly. Whatever your cleaning requirements, our commercial hot water extraction machines maximise results and speed drying times. Plus the high temperatures used in the process significantly reduce detergent usage.

We don’t make false product claims

You may have noticed that many other carpet cleaning companies claim to use ‘environmentally friendly’ cleaning products. In nearly every case, this is simply not true. To be ‘eco friendly’, carpet cleaning detergents must be completely bio-degradable. This doesn’t usually produce the best results, or remove the most difficult stains.

Guaranteed safe, committed to helping the environment

At The Steam Cleaners we’re all about being honest and transparent with you our customer. That means not making exaggerated claims that the products we use in our advanced steam cleaning technology are 100% ‘eco friendly’.

What we can promise, however is that

  • Our cleaning products are safe for you, your family, your pets and your customers
  • Our next generation detergents are designed to be used in the smallest possible amounts, to minimise environmental pollution. This also reduces packaging.

The manufacturers of our products are committed to

  • Minimal use of energy, water and other resources, and to decreased waste
  • Minimising toxicity at all levels
  • Re-use and recycling of packaging
  • Reusable detergent bottles
  • Continued research and development on safer raw materials, production techniques and better cleaning practices to reduce environmental impact

Professional work practices mean safety first

Unlike many carpet cleaner companies, our technicians receive a high standard of training and in-field experience. The Steam Cleaning staff who clean your home or business premises will be fully insured and always use certified safe work practices. And of course they’ll be friendly, punctual, knowledgeable and keen to provide you with the very best in floor, upholstery and other cleaning solutions. We guarantee it, every time.

Contact The Steam Cleaners today

If you’d like a quick, obligation-free, affordable quote for residential carpet cleaning from our friendly steam carpet cleaner team, please use the form on this page. Our cleaning services extend right across the Greater Sydney area. Or give us a call on 1300 884 665 today.