Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Enjoy advanced technology, quickest dry carpet cleaning

As leaders in Sydney carpet cleaning, The Steam Cleaners are proud to offer you the very latest in commercial carpet cleaning techniques – encapsulation carpet cleaning. With its minimal disruption to your work environment, super fast drying times and green credentials, encapsulation is a highly effective, economical carpet cleaning process, whatever your type of premises.

How does encapsulation carpet cleaning work?

The big difference between ordinary carpet extraction cleaning and our cutting edge encapsulation method lies in the crystal polymers contained in our high quality encapsulation shampoos. These special crystals work by surrounding the soils and grease in your carpet, and suspending, or emulsifying them. The dried emulsified dirt is then left to dry overnight, then simply and quickly removed with an ordinary vacuum.

Here’s the process in a nutshell:

  • Our state of the art, low moisture machine goes straight to work, its pad simultaneously massaging your carpet as it releases the encapsulation shampoo. Soils immediately start separating from the fibres. Crystallising polymers encapsulate the detergent, emulsifying or suspending the dirt and grease. As the machine moves you’ll see a dramatic, newly clean result – straight away.
  • The encapsulated, soil-containing polymers dry into crystals.
  • Because the surfactants bond with the polymers rather than the water, the carpet dries very quickly. This prevents mould and mildew forming, keeping the air clean and fresh.
  • The carpet is left to dry overnight, then the dirt-laden dried crystals are quickly and easily vacuumed up
  • Your carpet gets even cleaner with follow up vacuums, as even more dirt capturing crystals are removed.

What are the benefits of encapsulation cleaning?
The Steam Cleaners’ advanced encapsulation low moisture carpet cleaning system is ideal for nearly all commercial premises, especially those with high traffic, heavily soiled areas:

  • Drying times are very fast. Less water is used, plus the process itself promotes more efficient evaporation.
  • Our encapsulation shampoos and the process itself are totally environmentally friendly, leaving your carpets and surrounding air fresh and sparkling.
  •  Encapsulation cleaning destroys allergens, mould and mildew as well as dirt and grease.
  • Your carpets will look even better after subsequent vacuumings, as crystals which have initially attached to clean fibres soon break away, capturing any new dirt.
  • Encapsulation cleaning requires less maintenance, so you won’t need to get carpets cleaned as often.
  • It’s highly cost effective. The whole process takes less time than traditional steam cleaning, which results in reduced prices to you our customer. Contact us for a quote – you’ll be very pleasantly surprised!

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