Carpet Water Damage Restoration

24 hour service right across Sydney

Whether it’s in your business or home, any kind of carpet water damage can be a disaster unless you get immediate professional help. Sydney experts in emergency carpet cleaning, The Steam Cleaners are available 24/7 to dry and steam clean your flooded carpet, leaving it clean, fresh and fully sanitised.

Halt ongoing harm from wet carpet

A flooding washing machine, burst pipe or leaking roof doesn’t only stain your valuable flooring – and even cause structural damage. Mould and mildew will quickly grow and spread in wet carpets – especially in our humid Sydney conditions. We’ve all smelt the horrible, lingering smell of mildew that hasn’t been properly treated, but bad odour’s not the only hazard. The bacterial growth will probably become airborne, causing dangerous respiratory health risks to your family, your workmates and your customers.

Minimise damage and health hazards fast

Wherever you are in Greater Sydney, whether your flood damage is in your home or office, The Steam Cleaners will:

  • Respond immediately, 24/7
  • Pre-inspect the extent of the flood damage. Determine how far the water has spread under the carpet and other affected surfaces
  • Give you an honest recommendation on your next step. For example, if your carpets have been flooded for more than 24 hours with sewerage contaminated water, they won’t be repairable
  • Extract the water from your carpet and underlay with our advanced vacuum system
  • Detect and deal with any hidden moisture problems and remove the underlay if necessary
  • Sanitise, steam clean, deodorise, and dry carpets, applying protective treatments against mould and bacterial growth

Innovative, safe, fast carpet restoration

At The Steam Cleaners we use the most technologically advanced equipment available to sanitise, steam clean and dry your wet carpet. And because of the high temperatures used by our carpet steam cleaning process we don’t need to use any harsh and unsafe chemicals. Call in The Steam Cleaners for flooded carpet and your flooring will be left cleaner, fresher and healthier than before the damage occurred. Plus your carpet and flooring will nearly always be dry in 48 to 72 hours.

Get in touch straight away

Wherever you are in the Sydney area, if you’re in need of expert, rapid response emergency carpet cleaning 24/7, give us a call on 1300 884 665 immediately.