Carpet & Fabric Protection

Keep dirt and stains at bay

If you’d like your soft furnishings and carpet to keep their brand new or just cleaned freshness and sparkle for up to three years, The Steam Cleaners Sydney have your solution. Our safe, highly effective carpet and fabric protection systems also make these furnishings easier to clean, and prolong their life overall.

Leading fibre protection technology

At The Steam Cleaners we use an advanced range of protectors , renowned for their long lasting, highly successful results. Non-toxic and completely safe for your family and pets, the protectors work by forming a durable and extremely repellent shield around each and every fibre. This means that spills, stains (including notorious red food dye) and dirt are held close to the surface, where they can be easily removed or vacuumed up.

Extend your fabric and carpet life

No matter what type your carpet, rugs, soft furnishings or upholstery, you’d be mad not to keep them looking as new with our new age protection treatments. Following your gentle but thorough steam cleaning with the The Steam Cleaners, our quality protective applications:

  • Form a protective barrier around each fibre
  • Repel dirt, grime and liquid spills
  • Stops these contaminants becoming embedded in the fibres, therefore helping your carpet last longer
  • Make carpets and fabrics so much easier to vacuum and clean
  • Safeguard your carpet and upholstery investments

Whether for your home or office, professional carpet and upholstery protection from The Steam Cleaners will ensure your valuable soft furnishings will look like new for years to come. And check out our very competitive prices.

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