Pet Odour Removal

Eliminate pet urine smells permanently

Just like human ‘kids’, we all know that our beloved four legged family members can sometimes misbehave! Including leaving persistent and highly unpleasant smells and stains. The Steam Cleaners in Sydney can remove pet odour quickly and thoroughly, leaving your carpet, rug or upholstery totally clean, sanitised and deodorised.

Pet urine – the unpleasant facts

We don’t need to tell you how hard it is to get rid of the smell of dog and cat urine in your carpeting or on your furnishings. (Not to mention other nasties, such as faeces and vomit.) That’s because:

  • Urine penetrates right through the carpet (or fabric) fibres to the backing – even into the wood or cement flooring beneath.
  • The liquid turns to crystals as it dries, which become even more concentrated and strong smelling. This distinctive odour is virtually impossible to remove by ordinary cleaning.
  • Often unbeknown to you, your cat or dog will keep coming back to the same area to pee, unless you actually destroy the compounds behind the smell.

Eradicate, don’t just mask, pet odours

Many carpet cleaning companies simply use deodorisers to hide pet smells – a temporary fix at best. At The Steam Cleaners we employ a highly effective and safe cleansing process which completely breaks down and destroys the stubborn compounds causing the odour. All you’ll have left is the delightfully fresh smell of total clean.

Our pet urine smell removal process

Our expert carpet cleaning team will:

  • Locate the locations and levels of your contamination with a black light or moisture probe
  • Saturate the trouble spots with our powerful yet eco-friendly odour eliminating treatment, which has been diluted with water.
  • Remove the excess liquid and allow to air dry. Voila – no more smell.
  • Naturally we also deal with any associated stains.
  • If necessary we’ll pull back the carpet and treat the underlying areas, including the flooring. Occasionally your underlay in the affected area may need to be replaced.

Contact The Steam Cleaners quickly

As with all odour and stain removal treatment, speed is of the essence. The longer you leave a dog or cat urine stain, the more likely you are to get permanent colour loss or discolouration. So as soon as you discover (or smell!) a pet ‘mishap’, call our friendly professionals on 1300 884 665. Or use the contact form on this page. We cover the whole Sydney region, and will make it a priority to get to you as fast as we possibly can.